Thursday, September 11, 2008

Latest and greatest

Hey! Today I ran outside (so lovely) for 3.5 miles without stopping!

Okay, strictly speaking that's a lie: I stopped once at a traffic intersection, but I jogged in place while waiting. Then I stopped for perhaps a minute or 30 seconds or so to fix my hair; this was right around 1.75 miles or so, right at the halfway point. What matters is that I made it! I didn't stop again after that! Woowoo, I'm Mrs. Fantastic, and everything I touch turns to gold! ;P

No, but seriously, it's a nice feeling. :) I feel at this point like I can do the 8K - I don't know how long it'll take me or anything, but I know I can *do* it and enjoy it and not toss my cookies. And anything that doesn't involve the tossing of cookies is an automatic win! ...Unless it involves, like, the kicking of puppies or something awful. Then again, I think if I did something awful like kicking puppies, tossing cookies would just naturally follow since I'd be so disgusted and horrified with what I'd just done. So I stand by my first statement!

Oh, and I could go for some cookies right now.

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EmLit said...

Congratulations on the 3.5 miles outside! Stopping at traffic lights and intersections is not something to worry about, you can't help that.