Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby's First 8K

Well I had my 8K! I had predicted I would do obscenely poorly, because I preceded the race not with lots of training and concentration but with a half-week of beach vacation and bad eating. I *did* work out while I was there - only on two of the days, but in my defense, we were travelling for parts of the other two and so the time those days was limited. But I ran two miles on Monday and did some x-training, then on Tuesday I ran a total of five miles (about two on the beach, three on the treadmill). So that helped somewhat. But I was on the vacation meal plan, meaning I was stuffed full of things not condusive to running; so on getting home I decided to "detox" and catch up on my fruits and veggies. I managed this for approximately a day and a half before falling off the wagon on Friday evening. But I did eat reasonably healthy on Saturday night, including plenty of salad and fruits, and lunch was sushi! Yay! Sushi is so surprisingly healthy. We also had company on Saturday night and I'm pleased to say that, even though this did include plenty of chocolatey-pastry type stuff for dessert, it was much much better than eating out. We had cheese ravioli (store-bought) with a butternut squash sauce (homemade), which was designated by all as "tasty".

So, the 8K! First of all I sincerely thought it started at 8:30 am. All morning long I thought so. At about 7:45 while riding in the car to get there I realized it started at 8am. GAH!! Well, I made it about five minutes before the race started and all was well. In all I did a pretty good job - I was aiming for about 50 minutes to do the whole thing, but I surprised myself: even though I stopped (walked) twice, I finished in just under 47 minutes! If I hadn't stopped I probably could have hit 45 minutes, which is around my current pace for 5Ks - 9min/mile. To be able to sustain that pace for 5 miles is a lot more than I thought I could do!

I'm going to go back to training harder. I think I can shave some more time off my total and really improve my 5K time. :) My next one should be 10/4, right near the neighbourhood where I grew up!